About Ray G Production

About Ray G Production - Why Ray G Is Your Best Source for Rap Instrumentals and Hip Hop Instrumentals!

About Ray G Production – Why Ray G Is Your Best Source for Rap Instrumentals and Hip Hop Instrumentals! (Audio Production Software Picture)


About Ray G Production

The Beginning


Welcome to my About Ray G Production page. I’m glad you stopped by!


So, I’m sure you’re wondering who I am, where I come from, how long have I been making beats… and all that type of stuff.


Well, my name is Ray Gutowski. I am a 31 year old music producer from Buffalo, NY. I grew up around music, and it is my life. 


I knew that I had a gift as soon as I realized that I had a passion for music. 


While most kids were going out to the skating rink… I was setting up my first actual recording studio 


I did all that too, but the truth is, I am drawn to music naturally.


Like a lot of other artists that find their passion in music and other expressive arts, I knew very soon after I got into production… That music would be my life. 


About Ray G Production


The Calling


I have noticed a common trait among many artists and producers. That is that most artists in the beat making industry, (that are the best at it) had no choice in the matter. They feel as if they were “meant to be.” Check out this post on People.com about celebrities that knew that they were meant to be. 
A lot of artists get a strong feeling that they were meant for something before it ever happens. It’s sort of an enigma that no one has ever been able to pinpoint… But it is very real. Some of us are just made for certain things.

About Ray G Production – Our Purpose


I know that there are tons of rap artists and instrumental beat producers out there trying to make it, because I am one of them. I know what they think about, I know how they feel, and I know how bad they want it.


One of the main thoughts that has driven me to where I am today with my music, is caring about who’s out here with me.


As a dreamer and a brother, I want them to make it. I want all of my clients, above all… To stick with their dreams and never give up.


I’ve poured my heart and soul into this business for over half of my life, and at Ray G Production, you can bank on one thing. You art… and your dreams… will be in the best hands possible from the second we meet you.


About Ray G Production - What Makes Ray G Production Different? (Microphone and Audio Recording Environment Picture)

About Ray G Production – (Microphone and Audio Recording Environment Picture)


Who Are Some of Your Influences?


My influences? Well… I started out grimi 2000 style. Like early epps hip hop just to give you an example.


Some of the bigger names that you might recognize are; The Lox, Jadakiss, 50 Cent, Cassidy, Rick Ruben, and Big Pun… just to name a few.


By the same token, I can vibe with just about anything. I specialize in rap instrumentals, hip hop instrumentals, r&b instrumentals, and trap beats.


I have a broader palette than that, so when it comes to custom work, I am experienced, educated, and wide open stylistically.


Final Thoughts


Conclusively, mixing instrumental beats depends mainly on one thing. It’s all about the levels. There’s a balance… a relationship between levels when your mixing, that you have to get right.


You have to find the right balance with your gain staging. If you don’t get your bass and kick levels proper, you are doomed from the start.


Most of the beats that you hear that suffer, do so because of improper mixing. Artists either jump in too early, and don’t know what they are doing.


I think what it is, is they just don’t spend enough time with their beats. You can find beats anywhere, but the best beats come from knowing passion and experience.


You have to be a perfectionist. If you want someone that wants you to be successful as much as you do AND has the right skill set to make it happen… You Want Ray G Production mixing your beats!


Site Navigation and Where Else You Can Follow My Work!

Thanks again for stopping by our About Ray G Production page! If you made it here by mistake, click here to go back to the home page. Be sure and check back periodically, as I am always uploading fresh rap and hip-hop instrumentals. I will be starting a blog very soon to offer advice, give tutorials, and help out other artists.


If you want to talk to me about custom services, collaborating, or even just want to drop me a line and say what’s up, my contact info is below. I will get back to you as soon as possible, usually in under a day.


My Social Media - RayGProduction

My Social Media – Ray G Production

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