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Custom Beats for Sale - Headphones Sitting on Top a Sound Board

Custom Beats for Sale – Headphones Sitting on Top a Sound Board

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Custom Beats for Sale – Finding the Perfect Beat

Ray G Production


Ray G Production has custom beats for sale! We know that finding the perfect sound can be difficult for you, especially when that means sorting through hundreds, maybe thousands of beats.
We handle custom rap beats, custom hip-hop beats, and custom trap beats for singles, CD’s and outdoor events. If you are tired of looking for premade instrumentals for your project and coming up empty-handed, we are fast, reliable, and experienced enough to deliver exactly what you need for your project.


Custom Beats for Sale - Treble Clef with Musical Notes Wrapping Around It

Custom Beats for Sale – Treble Clef with Musical Notes Wrapping Around It

What to Send Us for Custom Beats

Regardless of how you want your track to sound, we will work with you to get you the sound you are looking for! As far as what to send us to get started, any descriptive information that you can give us would be helpful. Whether you are submitting a custom order via email or calling us by phone to submit a custom order… Please have the following information handy:
Beats per minute is very important if you can get us that. If you’re not sure, we can work it out. There are also BPM websites that allow you to tap the beats to get the BPM.
Any artist or song’s you can think of that you want your be to sound like. (YouTube links, MP3s, anything you want to send us that can give us an example of the sound that you want to be helpful)
Bass Style
By bass style we mean do you want the track to be more bassy, with deep bass kicks? Or would you prefer lighter bass kicks? Do you hear the bass doing any changes in a certain part of the song?
What kind of harmonics do you want to be put on the track? Do you want synths, or do you want more of a 90’s style, orchestra sounding trap beat?
Give us an idea of any budget you are trying to stay in, and we always do our best to accommodate.

Custom Beats for Sale – Don’t Let Finding the Perfect Beat Frustrate You

Again, any information you can give us would be helpful, the more descriptive the better. Whatever the case, you can rest assured we will work hand-in-hand with you to make sure that we get you the perfect custom beats for your music.
We give up to 3 revisions with any custom order, and due to the work involved, our standard price for each revision is $25 per revision. Custom hip-hop beats are the best way to go for certain projects. We love working with artists to achieve the perfect sound for their tracks… Just give us a call and we can talk about it!


Custom Beats for Sale Pricing - Dollar Sign Art

Custom Beats for Sale Pricing – Dollar Sign Art

 Custom Beats for Sale – Pricing

Custom beats for sale is never an easy subject to cover because different projects require different amounts and levels of work. We keep our prices competitive, so whether we set an hourly rate or a flat rate for your project, we aim for your satisfaction and repeat business.
If you are interested in custom rap beats, hip-hop beats, or any other type of custom work done, we will be more than happy to discuss your project with you. We always give you the best rate possible!

Final Thoughts 


At Ray G Production, we understand everybody is different. All artists have their own musical signature. If you can’t find any pre-made beats that are exactly what you are looking for, you’re not alone. This happens a lot because there is not a producer in the world that already has your song in mind when making beats.
We have already had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing artists. If you need a custom beats designed perfectly to fit your lyrics… We can’t wait to work with you. We will work with you every step of the way until we get the sound you are looking for!


Contact Us!

If you want to come hang out with us on our social profiles, all of our contact information and a few of our social links are below! Thank you for coming to Ray G Production “custom beats for sale page!” We look forward to hearing from you soon!



Ray Gutowski

7207 Hunters Creek Road Holland NY 14080

(716) 222-4224

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