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What are leased beats?

When you lease a beat, you do not own the beat, but you have rights to it for a certain number of sales. Think of it like leasing an apartment. You have it for a certain number of months, and then when you move out, your apartment goes back to the rightful owner. At Ray G Production, our leased beats give you a little more room to breathe than many of the similar sites that you may find online. We allow you to sell up to 3,000 units. You keep 100% of the royalties from your sales, meaning we don't get any more money from them. Our beats lease for $19.99, and after you have sold your allotted amount, you would be required to re-lease the beat to continue selling with it.

What file formats do you offer?

Untagged MP3 - Untagged WAV - Untagged WAV + Trackout

How much are custom beats?

Do you offer music services?

We will be offering tutorials online soon... Check back with us later for dates!

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